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Your WooCommerce Online Store and the Customer Experience with David Bradley

In episode 50, the last show of Season 1, I had the pleasure of chatting with David Bradley, co-founder of Patterns in the Cloud , where they offer scalable and affordable web production. They are also the force behind WC Autoship for WooCommerce, which enables your customers to add any item to a future Autoship order without changing your store’s products or checkout process.

In today’s show we are talking about the customer experience. David shares his experience of creating solutions to help online store owners analyze and improve their customer’s experience. He also shares how AI (artificial intelligence) plays an important role and will become even more prominent in the future of customer experience.

We chatted about:

  • The role his company takes when helping clients with their customer experience
  • The biggest challenge that online stores have when it comes to customer experience
  • His own unique and challenging experience with a client
  • What conversational customer experience is with a real-world example
  • What their focus on replenishment purchasing might look like in the future

Thanks To Our Podcast Sponsor: Patterns in the Cloud

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