Your WooCommerce Site and Partnerships, Privacy, Target Marketing and Membership Sites

In this post, you can listen to our archived podcast WP eCommerce Show to help you with learning more about building partnerships, privacy, target marketing, and membership sites.

Listen in on these four episodes of our archived WP eCommerce Show to learn from some experts across the WordPress space. These can easily be applied to your WooCommerce site.

Security and Privacy with Your WordPress eCommerce Site

In this podcast I chat with Chris Wiegman, Senior Software Engineer at WPEngine.

We chat about:

  • What has been accomplished with privacy in the last year in the eCommerce/WordPress space
  • What is the biggest weakness
  • Two top privacy issues to consider when starting to sell on WordPress
  • What you should look for when purchasing on a site
  • Why it’s easier to plan what you collect vs. removing it after the fact
  • Whether people are becoming too paranoid or complacent when it comes to privacy

Building Strong and Strategic Partnerships with Lindsey Miller

In this podcast, I chat with Lindsey Miller from Liquid Web as she shares her insights and experiences with building partnerships.

We chat about:

  • What a partnership means
  • How companies are doing it wrong
  • If your focus should be on customers or agencies
  • What is a good balance of give and take
  • The importance of expectations
  • How to maintain a partnership

Refining Your Target Marketing on Your Online Store with Rachelle Wise

In this podcast, I am chatting with web developer and digital marketer, Rachelle Wise.

We chat about:

  • The biggest misconception around target marketing.
  • How store owners choose the direction to take when there are so many target variables: location, gender, language, etc.
  • Some of her recommended tools and plugins to help you with target marketing via your WordPress online store.
  • How page builders have become a critical piece of target marketing.
  • Examples of creative target marketing and how to think out-of-the-box.
  • Her takeaway tip on the importance of testing.

How to Make Your Membership Site Stand Out with Jason Coleman

In this podcast: I am chatting with Jason Coleman, part of the team behind Paid Membership Pro plugin for WordPress.

We chat about:

  • Membership sites and the WordPress ecosystem
  • How to make your membership site stand out from others in the same industry.
  • Why you should use WordPress for your membership site.
  • Advice for someone who thinks it’s all about a great looking site.