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Not sure how to start? My patient, non-geek lessons walk you through it step by step. At bobwp.com, you’ll learn not just how to do it, but why—and without all that complex coding. And my Video Highlights save you hours of time spent rewatching videos to pick up the information you missed. It's Easy...
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I teach you the WordPress basics, then help you understand, select and set up your plugins. And, unlike other tutorials, I help you thoroughly understand themes—so you can choose the right one the first time around. You’ll explore choices from Genesis Child Themes and WooThemes. You get two videos for each theme: one an overview of what the theme can and cannot do, and a second one showing you exactly how to set it up to look like the demo. You also get additional options for more customization. It's All Together...

It’s Constantly Updated with New Content

I keep all my tutorials up to date, so you always know you are working with the newest, latest version of WordPress. You’ll access a growing library, with new themes and plugins constantly added. And each month, you get a coupon for a free ebook of your choice. Always Updated...

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A few premium tutorials on me


What Is WordPress

Free Video

In this video you will learn the differences between WordPress self-hosted, WordPress.org and WordPress.com.


    Changing Your WordPress Theme

    Free Video

    Changing your theme can be a scary process. In this video I will show you what happens on 3 live sites. You will see what stays, what goes, and what may end up happening to the look of your site.


      How To Choose Your Theme

      Free Video

      Watch this video for some insights and tips into choosing a theme for your blog or website.


        The Differences Between Posts and Pages

        Free Video

        Learn about the differences between how you use a post or page, and technical features specific to each one.

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