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BobWP WordPress Starter Kit
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For Those Times When You…

bobwp-wordpress-starter-kitsFor Those Times When You Need Help to Get Started  

My WPStarter Kit does just that. I’ll take the Genesis Child Theme or WooTheme of your choice, install WordPress, set up the WP basics and make sure the standard features of your theme are set.  Then, with support from my BobWP tutorials, a few emails and a final 30-minute Skype call to wrap up the loose ends, you’ll be ready to go. Learn more….


bobwp-wordpress-10-point-checkupFor Those Times When You Need An Extra Boost

My BobWP 10-Point Checkup will help you improve your existing site. Whether you are ready to launch or have had your site for awhile, you’ll get a personalized video where I walk through a site review and give you recommendations for improving the most critical pieces of your site. Learn more….


bobwp-one-on-one-wordpress-trainingFor Those Times When You Need That Personal Touch

My One-On-One Training and Coaching take you online live. If you are having a few trouble spots or need to learn how to do something yourself, I can help. Maybe you need some advice on a few small details. Or perhaps some coaching on how you can run an online WP biz like I’m doing . Learn more….


bobwp-wordpress-Seattle-workshopsFor Those Times When You Want In-Person, Hands-On Training

My workshops in the Seattle area, are smaller, intensive classes. Depending on the class, on I focus  on the basics of WordPress, how to set up your site with WooCommerce, and several other WordPress-related topics. Length and costs varies. But with every workshop, you also get  3 months of my BobWP Tutorials to help you practice what you have learned.  Learn more….

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