Keeping the glass half-full


I’m a Podcaster, Connector and Community Builder

My heart is with content creation and building community. I thrive on open source and have never stopped learning

about BobWP

If only it was simple.

Community Builder

It’s not about masses. It’s about one person at a time.


It all happens organically topped with synchronicity.


Since 2014 the microphone and myself have been friends.

Where does one start. Technology started from me with a transistor radio. It has been an amazing ride that took me to the world of open source and WordPress. Being a designer was captured in a lot of those years, but those days are past.

When I first discovered WordPress in 2006, it wrapped around my curiousity and an overwhelming need to find simplicity in web design. It solved both and four years later I created the brand BobWP

Since then I’ve done just about everything with WordPress with the exception of development, which I leave to those who are given and learn that talent. And over those years I discovered two things. One is that I am learning everyday. And the second, community is where my heart really lies.

In 2011 when WooCommerce came out, I paid attention to it. That led to various paths and where I am today. And if you ever have time, I can tell you the hundreds of stories that I have left out.

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Do the Woo

My life in WordPress has been a series of pivots. In fact a lot of them. But this is my baby. What I love most.

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